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Should you fit a heat pump?

Heat pump

As part of the government’s climate action plan, there is a target to fit 400,000 heat pumps in Irish homes to meet our 2030 targets for the reduction of green house gases . Most heat pumps warm  your home by…

New Retrofit Grants

SEAI grants
Yesterday, the 8th of February 2022, minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan announced a suite of improvements to the current level of retrofit  grants available to homeowners.

Ventilation and Retrofit

A key part of any retrofit is reducing drafts and improving ventilation. This ensures we improve indoor air quality as part of the retrofit  and helps deal with mould or condensation problems.

What is Retrofit?

What is retrofit
Put simply retrofit is the renovation of a home to improve its energy efficiency, reduce fuel fuels, improve comfort and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Innovations in lighting over recent years has given rise to many options for CFLs LEDs. Replacing lamps in existing fittings with energy efficient bulbs is one of the easiest ways to make energy savings.

Benefits Of Retrofitting

The benefits of retrofitting a house
Domestic retrofitting offers myriad benefits in addition to energy savings. Homes which undergo a performance upgrade are more comfortable, more durable, healthier and safer.