Home Energy Assessment

Our home energy assessments take a whole house approach to retrofit which considers the homeowners priorities both now and in the future and then creates overall combination of  appropriate energy saving measures that complement each other and lead to maximum energy savings, whether completed all at once or in a number of stages.

A home energy assessment is a short report that outlines the customers’ current retrofit priorities, options and steps for a whole house retrofit, risks and implications of the retrofit measures, carbon and energy/fuel savings, grants available, budget costs and next steps to complete the work.  The home energy assessment ensures that whatever work is done now will not jeopardise the ability to complete further retrofit measures, cause unintended consequences as well as ensuring no opportunities are missed. 

A home energy assessment would typically include: 

  • Site visit and survey including measuring of the building footprint, glazing levels & types, the building’s construction and an investigation into the heating systems. 
  • Initial discussion about your retrofit aspirations, plans for the future of your home and any other issues.
  • The data gathered on site is then entered into the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) software to calculate the current building energy rating (BER).
  • Once the current rating is established different retrofit scenarios are modelled in the same software and reductions in energy use, fuel bills and carbon emission recorded. 
  • This information is fed into the home energy assessment. The report includes; information on where you are now, your tailor made retrofit options, the effect these will have on your comfort, energy use, fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions. Indicative costs for the options are also included along with advice on grants available, compliance with building regulations and technical risks. 
  • The report will also cover the requirements of the heat pump technical assessment.
  • A 30 min follow up call is included to discuss the report and next steps. 

We have developed our own report format and process based on extensive experience working on retrofit projects in Ireland and the UK. 

If you are planning to complete your retrofit working with a One Stop Shop under the National Home Retrofit grant scheme grant, then a home energy assessment is an essential first step to determine the scope of your retrofit.