Benefits Of Retrofitting

Domestic retrofitting offers many benefits, not just   energy savings. When you retrofit your home it will also become more comfortable, durable, healthier and safer. Below are the 5 key benefits of retrofit:

1. Energy and Carbon Savings  

In Ireland, residential buildings account for roughly 28% of energy consumption. Many  homeowners pay more than necessary for utility bills because of heat lost through drafts and poor insulation. By retrofitting your home, not only will you be reduce your energy bills, you will contribute to the reduction of national energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions which will help mitigate climate change.

2. Improved Comfort

Many Irish homes suffer from cold draty rooms in winter and overheating in summer. This leads to a negative impact on home comfort. Retrofitting adopts a whole-house approach which increases the comfort of your entire home by addressing drafts, poor levels of insulation and building defects. Modern equipment and techniques such as infrared thermal imaging and blower door air tests can help to diagnose these problems. 

3. Greater Building Durability

A whole house retrofit will address inherent building problems such as poor ventilation and a build-up of moisture, which if unaddressed can damage the building structure and finishes. By upgrading the building fabric and services, while also addressing these issues, the life expectancy and durability of the building will be increased. 

4. Higher Resale Value

As energy costs continue to rise and concerns about climate change become more mainstream, the energy efficiency of a home is becoming more of a factor for buyers.  Potential purchasers are looking for homes which will have lower energy bills as well as the additional benefit of increased comfort, better air quality and durability. 

5. Indoor Air Quality

Inadequate ventilation is common in many homes and often leads to poor indoor air quality which can in turn cause numerous health issues. A whole house retrofit will include a ventilation strategy and necessary upgrades to achieve this. This ensures that there is an adequate source of controlled fresh air intake for breathing and that moist and stale air is moved when and where required. 

The benefits of retrofitting a house